Executive Board

Executive Board Members


Andrew Pridgen (he/him)

Vice President

Demetrius Adams (he/him)


Rob LaPore (he/him)


Chelsea Dare (they/them)

Development & Fundraising Chair

Katherine Dickens (she/her)

Communications & Technology Chair

Thuy Newborne-Tran (she/her)


Ryker Smith (he/they)

Member-at-large (Symphonic)

Michele Cunningham (she/her) 
Jeremy Hall (he/him)

Member-at-large (Jazz)

Ryker Smith (he/they)

President Letter

I am excited to brag about the diligent work our members and ensembles put into their musicianship and craft this season. All ensembles Symphonic, Marching/Pep, Jazz, and Colorguard, are excited to share their craft with Pride! 

As you may have heard, our organization has grown significantly over the past two years. The board of Triangle Pride Band has been working to bootstrap the organization to the next level. We are improving our internal processes as well as communications and fundraising so that we may support the astounding musicians and artists who choose to call Triangle Pride Band home for their creative expression.

Triangle Pride Band has always been a welcoming and affirming community for people of all backgrounds to develop and demonstrate their musical craft. I am consistently impressed with the initiative our members take to form a community of queer and allied artists others want to be part of. It has made volunteering time to work in the background, finding rehearsal space, and venues, building budgets, and planning for increased programming extremely rewarding. If you or someone you know has thought of joining a band again, Triangle Pride Band will always commit to being an outstanding organization for anyone interested in joining. We welcome anyone to join us and be part of the magical experience that is Triangle Pride Band.

Lastly, all our programs are supported majorly by donations from people like you. Please consider donating to help keep organizations like this one accessible for members and followers alike. There’s something special about affirming organizations where friendships are formed, and community is strengthened by everyone who participates. Please consider donating or signing up for a recurring donation through our donation link. Recurring donations help us significantly throughout our rehearsal phases to make sure we can print music, buy instruments, and secure finances for programming improvements.

Thank you so much for showing your support to these amazing musicians!

Andrew Pridgen, President